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Why Should You Attend Lasley Elementary?

Join Lasley’s Growing Vibrant Community

Lasley Elementary School is the perfect educational destination for students seeking a holistic and enriching learning experience. There are many reasons to join this vibrant community.

At Lasley families have the opportunity to tailor their child's education to their unique preferences. With our Dual Language Pathway and All English Pathway options, parents can select the ideal learning journey for their child. 

Lasley's exceptional dual language program provides students the opportunity to become bilingual and celebrate diverse cultures. 

The partnership Lasley has with the Boys and Girls Club ensures that after-school hours are filled with exciting activities, homework help and valuable partnerships within the community.

At Lasley, inclusivity is not just a word. Lasley strives to be inclusive by embracing and celebrating the uniqueness of every student, fostering an environment where every student feels valued and included. Furthermore, the regular award assemblies recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Lasley’s students, encouraging a culture of excellence and motivation.

To support the well-being of students, Lasley has a dedicated and compassionate mental health team that ensures that students’ social-emotional needs are met. Students also have the opportunity to explore their interests and talents through a wide array of after-school clubs.

This commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the strong curriculum resources, providing students with the necessary tools to succeed. With a team of bilingual staff members, this school is well-equipped to serve a rich, diverse community. 

Lasley also embraces restorative practices, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where conflicts are resolved through dialogue and understanding.

By attending Lasley Elementary, students will embark on a transformative educational journey filled with opportunities for growth, exploration and success.

Questions about Lasley Elementary?

Call 303-982-9720 for questions or to schedule a tour.